Thursday, March 25, 2010

Random Kid Comments

My kids seem to be pretty inquisitive. I get that. But sometimes, I'm surprised at what comes out of their mouth.

In the car today, Alexander asked what would happen if a boy had chicken pox and he got one on his pee hole?

I didn't have an answer for that.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back to Reality

So…totally enjoyed my super-relaxing amazing weekend and I still have a story to share with more than half of you that I never had the right time to share during the weekend…Angie got it during our late night talk and Melinda/Nicole/Kim got it in the car after shopping.

As for adjusting to being back home.

I walked in the door on Friday evening and Brian walked out to run errands for three hours, followed by reading a magazine in a nice hot bath. I went straight to Cameron and begged him to nurse so I could get a little comfort – he did. Brian had the kids Friday and they played outside all evening and he totally forgot about their racquetball lesson (so I relate to you Jodi on that one) an then he took them all up to Mt. Baker on Saturday for sledding and the big kids had a blast. He dropped Isabella off with my mom Saturday night for a sleepover and on Sunday morning took Alexander to rugby and then dropped the boys off at his parents to run errands. My mom took Bella to church, lunch and shopping for her birthday. I got home to a pretty messy house. Isabella was showing off all her new things and Alexander was sulking because she got thing from Nana and it’s not her birthday and Nana hasn’t done anything for him yet and his birthday was 8 months ago (in mom’s defense – she tried but things haven’t worked out in regards to a time for a movie or Alexander making up his mind about another activity). I opened a box that came from Woot! Filled with some toys for Cameron and Alexander asked me if “I loved Cameron more than him?” because I’m always buying things for him.

Eventually everyone went to bed and I conked out at 9:30 p.m. I was awoken by Cameron at 12:30 a.m. with MAMA MAMA MAMA MAMA and I nursed him and he wouldn’t go back to sleep and I brought him to bed with us and he proceeded to nurse for the next five hours off and on and kick Brian in the face and smack me in the head with his restless sleeping. Brian left around 6:30 a.m. for the airport (for at least 10 days) and Alexander climbed in bed. Brian DIDN’T set the alarm. I woke up at 7:40 with a start and had to SCRAMBLE to: find uniforms for the kids, wake them up, make sure they got dressed, pack lunches, shove breakfast in their hands and get them out the door at 7:46 when the doorbell rang!! Then…I had to SCRAMBLE to get Cameron dressed, find clothes to wear, take a shower, drop ½ a muffin in the playpen for him to eat so I could get ready and get out the door to volunteer in Isabella’s classroom by 8:15!! I opened the expedition to find it FILLED with F****** wet sledding clothes, jackets, boots and CRAP and sleds and the seats down. I had to toss everything in the garage to deal with later, put the seat up and grab the extra booster seat to put in the car and get out of there. I dropped Cameron off at Ray & Trudy’s and SCRAMBLED to school and made it there by 8:25 when they were doing the Pledge of Allegiance. Whew!!

Then…I volunteered in the classroom (managed to get Isabella’s hair presentable in two pigtails with some rubber bands from the teacher’s desk so she wouldn’t look like an Amazon Child) and then left to visit with Cameron for 15 minutes at Ray & Trudy’s and then go teach Kindermusik and then have lunch and then go TRY to teach Kindermusik again which I stopped 15 minutes early because the kids were being IMPOSSIBLE and then I had to SCRAMBLE to get Cameron picked up and get to school by 2:25 to pick up all the kids. We had to run home so Isabella could change for gymnastics and I could change for the gym and then we stopped at the library to return/pick-up books and drop off the carpool kids up the street in time for me to get to the gym by 3:30. The 1 hour walk/run on the treadmill helped!

Then…I SCRAMBLED to get Isabella to gymnastics by 5:00 and then to the grocery store with Alexander and Cameron and then home to start dinner and then back to gymnastics (only 6 minutes late) to pick up Isabella and then back home for dinner and now here I am.

OMG talk about reality slapping you in the face on a Monday morning. I still need to catch up on F******** sleep!!!