Monday, May 9, 2011

Roxie is moving

We had a wonderful family come and meet Roxie a couple weekends ago. They have a couple boys and a dog named Hunter. Roxie went there for a playdate and to see if she fit in with the family.

It's time for her to move on.

The family is picking her up this week. The kids are pretty upset about it, especially Isabella.

Roxie is an outdoor dog. She doesn't do well inside - usually pacing and pacing and going in circles and not settling down too well. She likes to run and explore.

Abu Dhabi is 130 degrees in the Summer and 85 degrees in the Winter. The humidity can get up to 90% in the Summer. It is not a good place for outdoor dogs. The kids understand this, but it's still really hard.

Roxie has been part of the family for 6 years......Bella asked if we could move to a house with a barn and horses and a new dog that she can carry around when we move back. I told her we'd see....