Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Emotional Rollercoaster

This evening has been a bit of an Emotional Rollercoaster. In fact, I know the next few months will be like this. sigh

I had a Council Meeting tonight and part of the agenda was talk about whether or not to fill my vacancy when I leave...not that I'm getting pushed out or being asked to tell them an exact date but as soon as I could tell them an exact date would be great. In fact, I even had one person say the sooner the better because they thought that I would need time to prepare for my move. Ummmm - let me figure that on my own, K?

I think we spent 20 minutes discussing: If I should be replaced, how I should be replaced, when I should be replaced. It made me a little sad and a little powerful feeling all at once. Nothing happens until I resign. I don't know when I'll resign and only I get to decide when I will resign. But, still a little sad to know it's all part of the process of me leaving.

Then, I attended my monthly Heritage Society Meeting. During announcements, I mentioned that I was moving (several were already aware thanks to the newspaper article and KGMI radio bit) - but after the meeting I had several people come by and tell me that they would miss my "voice of reason" on there. (I swear that would've been my campaign slogan for my election this year - either that or "vote for me to help keep all those men in line"). Once again - made me feel sad, happy, grateful, humbled all at once.

Then, I headed home and checked my mail. A book arrived that I had ordered January 11th. It came from the UK and apparently took forever since someone swam it over or something. Well....I opened the package....and it made me cry.....

I'm really leaving here and this is my guide to my new home.

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