Saturday, April 7, 2012

The End of Baseball Season

Alexander has loved playing baseball here.  His coach is FANTASTIC.  The team is super and the families are absolutely wonderful.  We have enjoyed going to Dubai every weekend to play and it’s been great to watch him improve over the season.   The team is very dedicated and they have won all but two of their games – one they lost and one they tied. 

The championship game was against THAT team.   They tied and lost to the same team and this was it.

The kids played a pretty good game but in the end they took 2nd place.   Alexander still enjoyed it even if he was feeling pretty defeated and blaming the rest of the world (the other team, the umpire, etc….).  My child is not what I would call a “Good Loser”.  No idea where that comes from……..

The kids had an End of Year party and it was great to see everyone again.  He presented each player with a little trophy and a game ball along with a little speech about each kid.

We all played a game with kids against adults that was a modified ball game.  We swung with tennis rackets and hit tennis balls that were pitched to us and the other team played regular positions on the baseball field.  It was a blast!

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