Saturday, July 23, 2011

All Moved Out

The movers spent all day yesterday and all day today packing up the house. It was a chaotic whirlwind of activity.

I had a limit of 800 pounds for my air freight shipment and had a bunch of stuff set aside. They would box the items into small boxes and weigh them and then put four into a bigger box and weigh that before labeling it all. After they got through my stack of items, we found out I had 200 more pounds to work with. So, I went through the house and grabbed more stuff and after weighing, realized I had more to go. So again I went around grabbing random items I thought I might want shortly after arriving and eventually I hit the limit and that got put aside.

Then, we moved onto the items for cargo that will arrive on boat by mid-October-ish and items for storage that stay in Ferndale/Bellingham area for three years. What a project. I had to make sure things got labeled right and placed in the right area and that furniture went to storage, while the contents got placed in boxes for cargo. While double-checking one dresser, I found it almost got placed in storage filled with Bella's clothes! Eventually, things got where they needed to go. It was exhausting in an emotional, physical, mental kind of way.

But, it's done!

My mom has been such amazing help that I can't imagine doing it all without her. Items need to go 20 minutes away to the boat place? Done. Cable boxes need returning because they flaked on coming to get them? Done. Watch the kids so a friend can take me for my rental car? Done. Stay with movers so I can get to a rb game and dinner with a friend? Done. Groceries to stock the hotel fridge for when we wake up? Done. On and on and on.

In the next few days I have the maintenance guy coming, the house getting cleaned, carpets steamed and some carpets replaced. In between there are activities to attend: a birthday party, going away party, baby shower and baseball game. Hoping to arrange playdates too!

At least I had a wonderful farewell with dear friends, amazing spa overnight with two dear friends an dinner out with another close friend too.

I'm finding that staying busy keeps me from dwelling about the inevitable.

I am sooooooo blessed to have such a fantastic mom and such amazing friends and I can't believe I am leaving in 9 days.....

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