Friday, January 27, 2012

Abu Dhabi Golf Tournament

One of the great things about living in a bigger city is all the fabulous events that happen.  One of the great things about being an American who, living in a bigger city overseas – is being able to attend these events up close and personal when locals could care less!

Brian, the kids and I spent a couple days at the Abu Dhabi Golf Tournament and saw all sorts of great golf pros up close.  We watched them drives balls far and putt up close (alright that’s it for my golf terms).  So it was still neat to be there…..


Even if you’re not big on golf (or tabloids about celebrity sex scandals), you should still recognize Tiger……


                   P1000479          P1000485


Here’s the club.  It’s shaped like a falcon.


Tiger practicing putting.

      P1000493         P1000498

        P1000502      P1000503      P1000504

The kids enjoyed practicing golf too.



P1060397          P1060399          P1060402P1060418



The gigantic leaderboard that got updated throughout the day.



Masses of fans following the golfers from hole to hole.

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