Saturday, March 12, 2011

Roller Coaster is on an Upswing

I'm finding that I'm being more positive when people ask about our big move. A lot of it really seems to depend on someone's reaction. When they talk about what a great opportunity/adventure/experience it all is - it makes me excited about it and I really focus on all the positive. When someone asks if I'm nervous about what's been going on in that part of the world, I get defensive (I'm not worried by the way). When people talk about how hard it must be to move away from my mom and friends - it makes me sad and I start to think about how hard that's going to be.

So----I'm trying to focus on the positive!

As for the process - our passport stuff has been received in DC, all of our medical is done except for Brian getting his TB test checked on Monday and then that's all good and done. Next is applying for visas. I'm working on the house rental stuff - I've started filling out all the paperwork and will be mailing off my first set of stuff on Monday. We are waiting to hear if they have acquired funding for a temporary person since this will determine when Brian has to go. I'm also anxious to get confirmation that the kids are registered for school. Once Brian's medical has been received next week, they can acquire our villa - can't wait!!! I want to see pictures and know all the details about it so I can determine what to ship and get my bearings of what area of the island we will be living on.

I have been working on getting through the house stuff. Did the foyer and the front coat closet this week, along with the under-stairs storage. The plan this weekend is to do the den and den closet, games closet and finish sorting the 3 bins from the under-stairs storage. I'm also hoping to finally finish the taxes. Otherwise, we just have Bella's last soccer game and a girl scout cookie selling stint.

It's feeling good to get rid of stuff.

I went through my jewelry a couple weeks ago and finally managed to go and sell it for cash at a local Coin Store (way better deal than anywhere at the mall by the way) - got $1450. Crazy to make that much off of jewelry that was broken or sitting in my jewelry box not being worn!

Well now - it's off to bed and thoughts of positive productivity for the weekend.

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