Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dancing and Dokha

One of my favorite girlfriends out here called me up to go dancing and as you know – I never say no to dancing!!

We joined one of her friends and a couple of their friends and hit up a local place for a night of fun!

The music was great and dancing is always a fantastic way to relax, have fun and let it all out!

We stepped outside on the patio for a bit so some of them could have a little smoke (while I sat and enjoyed the company and inhaled second-hand cancer).  A friend of a friend took out a tiny pipe and a small vial of tobacco and asked if anyone wanted to try some.  ACK!  I asked what it was and he said it was called Dokha.  I then proceeded to give him the third degree about it.  Is it legal?  Wait, what exactly is it?  Is it really okay here?  Is it really legal??  I was assured that YES – Dokha is a legal Arabic tobacco and it’s usually smoked by locals. 

Since I decided I was there in this country to experience the culture I decided to try it just once.  After a big inhale and a bit of a head rush mixed with a feeling of doing something out of my comfort zone – I passed it on.  Once is good enough as far as I was concerned.  Everyone else seemed to enjoy it and then he mentioned that he was out and wished he had some more.  Someone asked where you get it from and he said most local men would have some on them and probably someone here would if we wanted to ask around.

Well – asking strangers for things has never been a problem for me so one of the gals and I whisked off to ask strangers for a little Dokha (after making sure we could pronounce it right).  Pretty sure we were quite the site.  I felt like a couple of white gals trolling around O-town looking for narcotics.   We walked up to people who looked like they would be locals and asked if they had any “Doh-ka”.  The first person pretty much looked at us and tried not to laugh.  I don’t think a couple of American women are the typical demographic for the stuff.

We moved on to someone else who then told us that he knew someone who had some.  Satisfied that the mission was complete, we headed back to the table.  Sure enough – about 10 minutes later someone came our way and poured a little tobacco from their vial into our friends’.   They enjoyed some more crazy smokin’ and we continued to dance our night away……

As soon as I got home – I hit google and made sure that I hadn’t just committed an unknown crime or something and sure enough – totally legal stuff.  In fact, you can buy it online back home!

Here’s a little information:   or

Here’s a picture of this totally legal-looking stuff:




Here is some information from online about it:

More feeling – dokha tobaccos are much more potent than other tobaccos and the “rush” you get from smoking dokha is very satisfying and unlike anything else.  

Saving time – you can fully enjoy your smoke in a fraction of the time versus smoking cigarettes, cigars or typical pipe tobacco.  It takes about thirty seconds to fill your medwakh with dokha, smoke it, more than satisfy your tobacco craving and be on your way (of course if you’re in no hurry or you’re relaxing on the porch, re-pack your medwakh for repeated pleasure).  

Less mess – because you’re only smoking a small pinch of dokha, there are hardly any ashes and certainly no cigarette/cigar butts.

Smoke inside?!?! – your house, upholstery, clothes and breath will not reek of tobacco! The smoke from dokha tobacco does not stick to fabrics nor does it have the distinct and often unpleasant odor of other tobaccos….this makes it easier to “sneak a smoke” undetected if you’re one of those sneaky people or at least prevent your much loved non-smoker from being subjected to the smell.   

Health considerations – since you are smoking less tobacco at a time with natural organic dokha, if you maintain the same smoking habit, you are receiving less tar into your lungs from the filtered midwakh.  Also, certain chemical additives found in most cigarettes and cigarette papers are not present in dokha tobacco.

Economical - with the rising price of cigarettes and other forms of tobacco, not only can you enjoy a more premium product, but save some cash in the process with dokha as an alternative.  We have intensely calculated the average number of smokes available in one container of dokha (approximately 15 grams/0.6 ounces of product) with ranging medwakh bowl sizes.  With one standard bottle of dokha, you can expect to smoke between 95 and 120 times.    

Stylin’ – Your medwakh is bound to be a conversation piece amongst your friends and others around you.  There’s nothing wrong with being the coolest cat at the party

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Zunair zain said...

Are you sitting comfortably? The constantly changing fashionable take on medwakh and dokha demonstrates the depth of the subject. Until recently considered taboo amongst polite society, it is yet to receive proper recognition for laying the foundations of democracy. Crossing many cultural barriers it still draws remarks such as 'I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole' and 'i'd rather eat wasps' from the over 50