Friday, March 2, 2012

Girl Scout Camp Out

The annual Girl Scout Camp Out was a blast!   The kids do the campout on the soccer fields at the school.  We have over 100 girl scouts just at Bella’s school.  How fantastic is that?  Girls from Kindergarten on up through 5th Grade attended and they started off with a Letterboxing activity.  It’s a little like geocaching I suppose.  There are boxes hidden everywhere.  The girls are given a clue to the first box and then there is a clue inside that leads them to the next box and on and on until they finish the set.  Each box has a little notepad and a stamp in it and the girls have to stamp there own papers and sign the notepad (if I remember right).  They enjoyed doing it and it’s always fun to see some girls whip through and be ready to do another route and other kids slowly amble and have no interest in doing any more.

Living here makes Girl Scout camp outs a little bit different from back home.  People ordered pizza for dinner and had it delivered for one……

We did have bathroom cleaning schedules and it was fun to see the kids attack the idea with a vengeance!  I came into soapy mirrors and girls trying to wash the doors and floor.  Perhaps it should’ve been better explained that they just needed to refill toilet paper, pick up stray bits of trash and wipe down the sinks……

There was a small bonfire and some marshmallow roasting in the evening.  Several girls didn’t know what s’mores were!  There are no hershey bars here but there are these lovely Digestive Crackers (which sounds so non-appetizing….but are actually like a graham cracker with chocolate in the middle – sorta) and they could come apart and have a marshmallow placed between them – Yum!

We even sang songs and did skits.  I stayed the night with Bella’s troop and a mom brought in breakfast in the morning so we had everything from fresh fruit to an egg/meat skillet.

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