Monday, March 19, 2012

Sucks to not be home sometimes

This was a hard week for friends back home.  One of my dear friends went through a rough experience when her husband disappeared.  People saw him one evening and the next morning he was gone without a trace.  I don’t want to go into any personal details about the situation in my blog, because that’s not what it’s for.  I’m writing it more from the perspective of not being home when tough stuff happens back there.

I could send positive emails.  I could get updated from all our friends.  I could call her or facetime or email but it’s not the same.  I can’t come by with a bottle of wine to cry/scream/laugh.  I can’t stay up late going through papers or join a search party.  I can’t cook a meal or help with the kids.  I just sit thousands and thousands of miles away and get emotional. 

Within a few days of this happening, I found out about the son of our family photographer unexpectedly passing away.  Again – nothing I could do.  I could email an encouraging word.  I can pray.  I can send good energy into the atmosphere but that’s it.

I’m sure there will be many more times when I wish I was home whether to cry or celebrate (one of my dearest friends had her 40th birthday back home and I would’ve loved to celebrate big but will just have to wait).  So – I don’t just miss the bad stuff, I miss the good stuff too.

I am experiencing great things here and having wonderful new experiences that I wouldn’t have back home.  There are things about my current life that I love but missing the good/bad and even sometimes the mundane back home can still be hard.

I’m always thinking of everyone back home and wishing I could do more.  I know everyone feels the love from across the seas though!!!

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