Friday, February 10, 2012

Curry Night

I was invited to a “Curry Night” at a friend’s house.  She did the event once before and it was such a big hit that she decided to do it again.   The only rule was – bring a curry dish to share. 

I had NO idea there were so many curry dishes!!  I was never a big fan of Indian food – I thought it was because I just didn’t like the taste of curry.  Ummm – nope.  Just never had the right dish!!

Couldn’t believe how many yummy dishes I tried.  I brought Curried Deviled Eggs myself instead of a traditional curry dish and they were actually pretty good but some of these curry dishes, wow.

I enjoyed Banana Curry, Green curries, red curries, hot curries and mild curries too.


In fact, since then I’ve bought a curry cookbook and the recipes all sound pretty easy – if only I can get some of these spice ingredients added to my cupboards…….

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