Friday, February 3, 2012

The way birthday’s get done in Abu Dhabi

Isabella was invited to a friend’s birthday party and was pretty excited to go.  Her friend is known for doing a pretty big party each year and lots of girls were looking forward to it.

This one had a Fashion Show theme to it.

They shut down a café (which was connected to one of the hotels the parents own) and set up a big fashion runway in it with all the lights and everything.

The girls were asked to dress up in fashionable clothes and even bring extra outfits if they wanted.  When the kids arrived they were all given manicures and spray tattoos and then a professional model (friend of the family) showed them how to “walk the runway”.  They all took turns giving their best walk and having a blast.  There was even a videographer and the feeling of paparazzi too.  The kids got prizes throughout the party and the MC was a lot of fun.  The food was non-stop and the girls had a blast.  It was all topped with a fantastic cake too! 

I managed to snap a few photos…..

                            P1060422               P1060423

There’s Bella (wearing some of my jewelry) and another pic of her and Zoe.  All dressed up and ready for the party!

    P1060425  P1060429

Girls being silly on the runway


     P1060431     P1060432

                 P1060439       P1060441P1060444           P1060453       P1060456

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