Friday, February 10, 2012

Trying on Shoes…..

I stopped at a friend’s house today to work on a school project and as she gave me a tour of her home I stopped at her closet and decided to have a field day…..

I was pleasantly surprised to see her FABULOUS collection of shoes and PLEASED BEYOND WORDS that she was my size!  woohoo!

Now – I’m not a major shoe person.  I have a few pairs, don’t get me wrong.  But – I don’t spend every bit of my hard-earned money on fancy shoes or anything.  Granted, I had never tired on $2300 shoes before tonight……

Let me tell you…if I HAD the money for expensive shoes – I’d be ALL OVER THEM!!

They were amazing.   Ignore my feet (not my best asset – although in these shoes, who cares??)

Here’s a sampling of my girlfriend’s closet….


J’adore Dior…..  These are Christian Dior and were probably my favorite.  They were incredibly comfortable and my girlfriend had just purchased them on sale for only $400!   I wish….



gun shoes

Yes…..these shoes have guns for heels.  How awesome is that?   These were the most expensive ones I tried on.  Chanel’s $2300 gun shoes.  Craaaazy!


IMAG0499    IMAG0502    IMAG0503     IMAG0505 

                       Christian Dior                   Jimmy Choos (LOVE)                       Fendi                           Christian Louboutain


IMAG0507          IMAG0508          IMAG0513

                                               Christian Louboutain                           Valentino                                       Chanel


IMAG0510   IMAG0511   IMAG0512

                           Valentino                                                              Valentino                                                       Cesare Paciotti


I really need to get back there and try on more shoes……..

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