Sunday, June 3, 2012

Additions to the Family

We went to a shopping festival at ADNEC tonight.  There were a variety of things there, like there always are at these things.  It’s a mix of fine jewelry, costume jewelry, purses, shoes, cheap clothes, cheap toys, dates, local pastry things and this time around – ANIMALS.  There was a “pet shop” booth.  

Bella was begging from the get go.  She has been wanting a pet since we had to pass Roxie (our dog) on before moving to Abu Dhabi.  I knew that there was no way we would get a furry pet since it would have to be indoors and Brian is allergic so that clearly narrowed down the field.

At this booth they were selling baby turtles and it didn’t take much for me to agree that it would be an okay idea.  We explained to her that we wouldn’t be able to take them back to America with us in a couple years and she would have to sell them or give them away (maybe donate them to the school to add to the 3rd grade turtle tank???).   She understood and was more than thrilled to be able to finally have a pet.  She used all her own money and purchased a turtle for 35 dirhams, a tank for 50 dirhams and a container of food for 10.  We walked out of the area to the lobby and sat down for quick bite to eat.  After looking at the lonely turtle for about 5 minutes, I sent Bella and Elnor back in to buy a friend!  So for another 35 dirhams we got turtle #2.  For a cost of 130 dirhams or about $35 Bella was ready to go!

Meet Ramona & Beezus:





I also shopped a little too and found a great little booth that was selling Turkish jewelry.  I bought three rings there.  One is painted ceramic and the other ones have touches of turkey (turkish eye or arabic writing for Allah).  I also picked up another costume type ring at another booth.  The turkish ones were 150 dirhams each and Buy 2 Get 1 Free.  So – 3 rings cost me 300 dirhams or $81 and the costume one was priced at 70 dirhams but since I had either 60 dirhams or a 500 dirham bill so he took 60 for it ($16).   Afterwards I realized I was going to Turkey and could buy rings when I was actually IN Turkey, but oh well!


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