Thursday, June 7, 2012

Feeling Crafty

I was browsing on pinterest ( today and was feeling crafty.  I had a list of crafty pins to choose from and had Cameron take a look to see what he liked.  This is what he picked:

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I figured this looked easy enough.  It only called for colored duct tape a big tarp pens and a ruler.  No problem.  HA  I knew I could run to Ace Hardware and probably find it BUT Ace is about 30 minutes from my house and I wanted to try somewhere closer.

I left my house about 8:45 this morning and headed to Carrefour (local grocery store – super-walmart like but not as big of a selection).  I found colored tape for 5.25 dirhams a roll.  This totaled 21 dirhams for four different colors.  It wasn’t as thick as duct tape.  It is more like really thin and super-crappy packing tape.  I also managed to pick up a little racing car set for Cameron for about 22 dirhams.

I couldn’t find a tarp.  I had this picture with me and tried to explain what I wanted .  It was suggested that I try a nearby carpet store.  Great.  I went to the carpet store and had no luck.  They sent me to a furniture store around the corner.  I went to the furniture store and had no luck. 

Then I decided to try the Co-op (not to be confused with the amazing, organic grocery co-op back home).  The Co-op has a little of everything but NO tarps.  However they did have rolls of vinyl covering.  It’s the type of stuff you would cut to size and use as a tablecloth.  I figured – why not?   So I picked out a cow print and had 2 meters cut.  This cost 18 dirhams.  I also had Cameron pick out another kind to have cut as a kitchen table cover.

Now I had to try and explain what a grommet was.  No luck in them having what I wanted.  You can try your best to explain what you want and salespeople try to be helpful but what I was getting shown was nothing like what I wanted.  They showed me a stuffed animal that you sew (that must have come from my frantic hand movements of where a grommet goes and how you put string through it and hang things).

So I decided to head to Green Branch – a craft store about 20+ minutes from my house.  They had quite a variety of things there but NO grommets.  I decided that giant clips would work fine and purchased 6 of those for a total of 6 dirhams.  I also managed to get a wipe-away smock for Cameron and some colored tissue paper (always hard to find here) and another glue stick and a couple rulers.

We got home and I gave Elnor the racing set and Cameron to figure out and play with while I got to business.  I brought down my sewing cutting board and giant ruler and rotary cutter.  I drew a few shapes on the back and then went back and cut them all out.

I then proceeded to use the super-crappy tape to outline all the cuts.  Note to anyone trying this – the circle seems like a neat idea but it’s a pain in the butt to have tape outline it.  A hexagon would’ve been much better.

As I was doing the tape and holding things up I realized that the vinyl is thin enough that if it hangs outside that you would see the back so I went through and made the tape on the backend of the whole thing line up and look nice too.  I trimmed up the sides and it was set.

I wanted to hang it outside but couldn’t find a good place to put it and so decided to hang it long instead of wide and put it up in one of the doorways.

I was finally finished and found some rope that I couldn’t manage to tie with so I just banged a few nails above an open doorway, clipped the final product and voila! ready to go.

Cameron loved it!  For about 10 minutes until he got bored.

So….total money spent for the project:   21 + 18 + 6 = 45 Dirhams or $12.25  Total time spent….4.5 Hours


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Crystal in Lynden said...

Great job! I love it. It's nice to see that it can be made. I bet your older children will play with it too. Maybe you'll get many more 10 minute sessions of use out of it.