Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Alexander says goodbye to Elementary School

Today was Alexander’s last day of Elementary School.  Sniff.

We received a notice home from school a couple days ago.


Alexander handed it to me and said he had no idea what it was and he couldn’t think of anything he did wrong.

I opened the envelope and was welcomed by the following:


Alexander asked what it was right away and I made up something about it being a letter requesting us for a meeting with the counselor.  He was concerned but confused.  I told him that he probably wasn’t in trouble and it was probably just about regular school stuff.

I had no idea what kind of award he would be getting and was planning to attend the assembly anyway, but told Brian about it so he could be there too.

Alexander’s Elementary School goes from pre-Kindergarten to 5th grade so when you finish 5th grade it’s a big deal because the next year is Middle School.  Alexander has had a fantastic year and is looking forward to moving on up.

As a final goodbye, all three 5th grade classes had been rehearsing a song that Alexander has been dreading singing.  This was why we were planning to go initially.



After the song they did some awards.  There are 3 5th Grade Classes with a total of 61 students.  Each class awarded a Presidential Award for Most Improved student and each class awarded a Presidential Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence.  Alexander received this award for his class.  We were so proud of him!

          P1060909    P1060910














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