Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Abu Dhabi - 1 week down

I stayed up way too late last night talking to my friend Denise from back home. I think we were on the phone for 50 minutes. Felt like were just blocks away....... Can't do very many long calls like that. Have a plan with 250 international minutes a month, we'll see if that's enough!

Got an email from my mom yesterday and she's booked her flight for November!!!!!!!!! Woohoo. She'll be here through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.

Slept in a bit and got a later than normal start.

We headed out around 12 to meet Brian at the Embassy for lunch. You're not allowed to take pictures there so I have none to share.

Lunch was good and cheap. The Embassy is big and I feel like the kids have to behave extra super and be extra quiet.

After lunch, I had my picture taken for my ID and I had to attend my orientation.

I'm glad I didn't have to attend this before Brian got the job or I wouldn't have wanted to come here.

As much as I like knowing what to expect the "what-ifs" are enough to freak a gal out!

They covered a bunch of stuff that I can't talk about and Don't chat with a taxi driver or they'll think you want to go home with them, don't be too friendly with a taxi driver or they'll think you want to sleep with them (Not taking a taxi - ever), don't walk in certain areas alone at night, etc....ACK

(Brian will have to read the above paragraph that is currently 7 lines long....we'll see how much he let's me leave in).

I met a few other new people.

Then we headed to an area for me to pick up an application for Abu Dhabi Mums. It sounds similar to MOMS Club with activities and get-togethers for little ones so I hope it works out well.

So, we tried to leave this huge complex (Zayed Sports City which also has a skating rink, soccer stadium, tennis club, gym, bowling alley, etc....) and I had trouble finding the way out because the signs suck and it was hot and we were all cranky and exasperated. It took forever with me hitting dead ends and driving in circles. Ugh!

So, instead of heading to the grocery store we headed home to air conditioning and snacks.

The kids are obsessed with the geckos and want them as pets so they caught the baby.

I made them set it free.

Brian called and we found out that BELLA GOT INTO ACS!!!!!
Thank God!!

Eventually Brian came home and we had dinner then I got to go out (with one of the two friends I've made here) for mani-pedis. It was at a place called Tips and Toes and they were great!

We had manicures with a lovely arm and hand massage and a great pedicure with foot rub, leg massage, serious foot scrub down and a polish. The cost was 194 dhs for all so about $53. There is no tax here and the tips are more like 10% for good service as opposed to 20%.


My toes are not my asset, appreciate the color and ignore the freaky toenails, k?

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lisa imus said...

Of course I'm dying to know all the stuff you can't talk about or you'd have to kill me:)) You are a smart, capable, confident women. Remember that when you get freaked out:)) And, stay out of taxis:)) CONGRATS to Bella!!!!

Crystal said...

So happy you get to have both kids in the same school. That will be so nice.

Connie said...

@Lisa- it was really interesting and I had all sorts of stuff typed out until Brian vetoed it all....

Anonymous said...

It's killing me not knowing what you wrote! Can you tell us when you get back?