Friday, August 26, 2011

Hit the Gym

I toured a fabulous gym earlier in the week and finally decided to call up Brian's boss' wife to go to a class.

We went to Body Pump and it was fabulous. The instructor was a guy, which is different than my old gym where all the fitness instructors were women. He was Australian sounding and had a great accent but it took a little to understand him.

Body Pump is a class where you use weights and all the weights are in kilograms instead of pounds. I had to recalculate things in my head to figure out how much to use. You would think that lifting it to see if it was a good amount would work, but no - I wanted to know how much in numbers it was. They don't compute simply. 2.5kg, 5kg and 10kg weights become 5.5 lb, 11 lb and 22 lb. It's not even in my head, but I'll get used to it.

I left the class feeling a good burn and a wonderful mood enhancement, I forgot how great of a mood that exercise gets you in.

I spent an hour visiting with Yvonne after class and we got along great. Now I'll have a gym buddy! She also promised to introduce me to three or four gals who are SAHM's with similar age little ones. We talked about doing dinner & drinks with the four of us next week and she has a teenage daughter who babysits. Score!

She also filled me in on who to contact at the embassy about furniture issues, carpet cleaning, lightbulb replacement and etc... (The GSO - clearly this GSO person is someone I should've met by now......maybe Brian is keeping them from me so I don't pester them with concerns?????)

We also talked about past job stuff and she said that working in the PA dept sounds right up my alley. Considering the amount of turnover here (everyone does 2 or 3 year commitments), there is bound to be an opening when I'm ready for one (which is not now).

So, wrapped up with that and then home to grab Brian and the kids for the last fun soccer/football night. Kids had a blast until midnight and I think I got a little video of the guy doing "freestyle football" that I will have to wait until my computer gets here to download.

Our stuff has been here for a week and we are waiting for it to clear and get delivered. Next week is EID (big holiday time celebrating the end of Ramadan and everything shuts down) so if it's not delivered by Sunday, it will be another week.

Tomorrow is Brian's weekend. Hoping to try church again before heading off for something fun!

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