Thursday, August 18, 2011

Abu Dhabi - Day 2

We got a slower start today. I was still in pj's when the doorbell intercom rang. It was someone from the compound who was coming by to introduce themselves (and their 8 year old daughter - yeah!) to us. I got Bella up and she stumbled downstairs long enough to say a quick hi. We vowed to come by later after we got moving.

Brian stepped out to finish my driver license, process, UAE ID process and acquire my cell phone. I now have 250 international minutes as part of my plan - yeah!

Meanwhile, we got ready and headed out to make a new friend. The girls hit it off well and the mom seemed great too.

When Brian returned, we headed out for a drive....

The signs are in Arabic and English, which is a good thing.

There are lots of palm looking trees around and most of them are Date Trees. There are net bags to collect the dates.

There are plenty for luxury cars around, but you also see lots of Toyota's and Kia's too.

We drove by the American Community School, where the kids will most likely go. It is a K-12 school and it's huge and looks like a fortress.

Then, we headed to a grocery store called Spinney's. It has several Western items and a handy Pork Section that all the pork items are located in (Muslims can't eat Pork).

Then we headed to Marina Mall, which was HUGE. It had an ice skating rink it:

It had lots of stores and even a replica of the mall.....

You could get lost there!

I even saw a gold bar vending machine....

After we left the mall, we drove down "The Corniche". This is a beautiful area along the water that is under heavy construction (like a lot of the downtown).

I also saw the Emirates Palace, from afar. This is a 7-star hotel.

We eventually headed home for a swim in the pool and play time after dinner. Now it's movie time.

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