Thursday, August 25, 2011

A clogged toilet

No pictures with this'll thank me for it after you read.

The toilet in the master bathroom hasn't worked since I got here a week ago and it had problems for about a week before that. Fortunately, there are 5 other toilets (kid you not - it's ridiculous) but it's still an inconvenience to not have the one in my room working.

We had someone look at it on Day 2 of my arrival and they worked on it a bit and said something about a part and that was it.

So, we waited. Does it need a part from their maintenance office? Do they order it or buy it from the store? Um....we'll see

A week went by and Brian followed up. I called him at 11 today to touch base and he told me someone would be by between 12:00-12:30. Glad I didn't have plans to do anything.

So, I waited and waited.

Kids want to swim but I don't want to leave the house before maintenance comes. Kids are antsy and I'm stuck.

So, 1:15 rolls around and I get a knock.

It's the maintenance manager with two other guys. They come up and assess things and the manager leaves and the guys go to work making a mess.

They eventually come downstairs to say they need to go get something and I go up to check on things.

Holy poop-mess!

Are you freaking kidding me????

There is raw sewage-looking liquid all over the bathroom, tracked down two flights of stairs and down the hallway because they WALKED in it and tracked it throughout my freaking house!!!


So, I call Brian to see sympathy, consolation and help.

So, not the person to call. (I should know this after 17 years, right?) His response was something to the effect of "What am I supposed to do about it, I have work to do".

So,...not crying. Taking deep breaths. Yelling at the kids NOT TO STEP IN POOP and I decide to call the one friend I met here (the one I did pedicures with).

I started with..."I'm just calling to vent and thought perhaps I could call you?"

She was a woman of sympathy and action. Just what I needed. She said things like..."Call the GSO at the embassy.". "That's not acceptable and they need to know." "I have bleach you can borrow.". "I'll come over and get the kids to bring to my house."

I could cry.

It was EXACTLY what I needed.

Deep Breaths.

The guys came back and they showed me the nasty-covered toy they found in the toilet. NOT MY KIDS mind you. But, glad the problem was found.

I called the GSO (still not sure what that stands for) and left a vm.

I called the manager and politely explained the problem. He came right over, apologized and called a cleaning team ASAP to deal with it.

They cleaned the hallways and stairs right away.

The toilet fixers finally finished by 4:30 and he did his best to wipe things up. So...I used most of a bottle of bleach and mopped down the bathroom and have to wash all three bathrooms rugs. I'm still in pjs and haven't brushed my teeth or put m contacts in yet.....But, the kids have been happily playing with new friends and my toilet works again, for now.

Everything will be okay.

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Crystal said...

Your "Ewww" tops my "Ewww." :-) Yucky. But the silver lining is.... you bonded with the new friend and you have awesome clean stairs.