Saturday, August 20, 2011

Abu Dhabi - Day 4

We've acquired an unwanted pet gecko. Supposedly they don't bite and they catch spiders so I'm leaving it alone.

Jet Lag caught up with us today. Cam woke me up (from a cruddy sleep on a cruddy mattress) at 7:30 am to nurse (yes, he still nurses and no I don't mind and no I haven't tried to wean him with all the changes going on in our life).

We followed with breakfast and a nap.

I woke up again and started feeling antsy to get out of the house but the big kids were sleeping and did so until I woke them at 12:30 pm. We were all feeling sleepy and slow moving.

Decided to head out to check out the gym. There are only a few choices with childcare (they call them a "creche"). We went to the gigantic and all-encompassing Abu Dhabi Country Club.

Services offered:
Nail Salon
Men's haircuts
Pizza place
Fine dining
Kids sports club
Fitness Classes (4 separate rooms)
Indoor pool
Outdoor pool
Squash courts
Wind Tunnel (??)
Steam rooms
Gym (co-Ed)
Separate women's only gym
Another restaurant

The basic gym price just for me isn't bad at $130-ish per month vs the entire family for almost $500. But, the childcare is another 10 dhs ($4) per hour. The nail salon prices are great at $13 for a basic pedicure and on up. You can get a day pass for fitness classes or to use the pool so we'll probably just get a Membership for me and bring the kids now and again for other stuff.

Then, we drove a few minutes across town to go bowling. It was huge with 40 lanes and totally empty because of Ramadan. It cost only 60 dhs ($15) for shoes for 5 people and one game.

It was at a huge facility called Zayed Sports City. It really was like a little city. It had a giant "football field" (soccer) and other smaller football fields, an ice skating rink, bowling alley, gym and more. Everything is so overwhelming and big and there's so much to look at when we drive around.

Then, we headed home for swimming, dinner and another movie night.

Here are a few pics of our complex too.

It looks like the entrance to an office complex.

No garage - just a carport with the rental car in it. A little nervous about where all our stuff is gonna go....

Here's the front of the clubhouse, three doors down from our place.

Clubhouse lobby.

Indoor play area upstairs in the clubhouse.

The pool and hot tub. Water temps vary everyday. Sometimes the pool is warmer than the hot tub and the hot tub jets shoot up rather than from the back. It was like an ice cold enema the first time I turned them on - surprise!

The kids being silly in a "triple bunk bed".

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