Sunday, August 28, 2011

My social calendar is coming together

So...I'm getting myself out there and working on making friends for myself and the kids (nothing happens if you hole yourself up in the house you know). I had a blind (play) date.

I have a couple websites that I frequent Expat Woman and Abu Dhabi Woman

They have both been great. There are forums where you can ask questions and peruse information about life in Abu Dhabi.

So, I started posting in January when we knew this was happening and made a few connections because of it. A week after we arrived, I started seeking playdates.

Today was the first. I took the kids and drove about 20 minutes from here to a stranger's house in the hope of making a friend for me and for Cameron. It sounds so much weirder here than the whole thing was, really.

One of the things I'm trying to work on is to not be too judgy. It's hard for me. I sum people up pretty quickly and tend to stick to my first impressions of people pretty strongly. But, I'm in a different place and people are different, so...trying hard to not be too judgy.

I went to this gal's home and she was very nice and her family and staff were nice too. The kids swam and played with her son and the au pair and she ended up inviting our whole family for a BBQ later this week, if we are available, otherwise we'll get together a different day. Turns out her husband golfs and maybe Brian could play with him sometime. Not bad for my first blind (play) date.

Tomorrow we are working to finish unpacking everything.

On Tuesday, we are heading to Al Ain with a mom I met through someone else online and her friend. They both have boys that will be in class with Alexander and one has a daughter who will be in class with Isabella. The girls have been corresponding through email for a couple months.

On Wednesday, I am going to check out a weekly group called "Bumps and Babes". It is for pregnant women and moms of toddlers/babies who meet once a week for coffee and playtime.

There's the start of my week!

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