Friday, August 19, 2011

Abu Dhabi - Day 3

We decided to head out to breakfast this morning. It was a wonderful little Australian cafe called "Jones the Grocer". It had black out curtains across all the windows since you aren't supposed to eat/drink in public during Ramadan.

The food was yummy and I had a delicious caffe mocha. The also have a lovely cheese room with all sorts of cheeses to purchase. Alexander was disappointed to not find pancakes or waffles on the menu though. He had Bacon-wrapped sausage and a croissant.

Then, it was off to Ikea for a few household items. The parking lot and store were sooooo empty. Friday is the Muslim holy day.

Ikea is located on Yas Island whic is also where Ferrari World is (home of the fastest roller coaster in the world) and a future Warner Brothers Amusement Park and a bunch of hotels. We drove around checking things out. It is about 20 minutes from where we live.

Then I was off to LuLu's for some groceries and a store called Daiso for Made in Japan miscellaneous stuff (pens, post its, organizer baskets for the pantry space, etc...)

I wish I could take pics of the people in the stores. Everyone is so different and the clothing is so different too. I saw a 2 year old girl with drawn on perfect eyebrows and a little gold ring and tiny gold bracelets and a gold necklace, yet her parents looked very simple. Is this normal? No idea. The abayas are so different too (the black outfits the women wear). Some look made of cheap, black fabric and others look made of really nice, flowy, black fabric with pretty (sometimes sparkly) designs on the sleeve. They usually are carrying expensive designer bags too. The men wear white outfits and sometimes white head coverings with black ropes around them or without or sometimes red coverings. I have no idea what it all means yet. There are also Indian saris, Pakistani clothing, and things I don't recognize at all.

After that it was home for a swim (I'll post house and compound pics tomorrow) and we made dinner.

I want the kids to try different things as often as possible. We bought pretty-colored dragon fruit today but for dinner we opted to make quail with rice and asparagus. We had pitas on the side (one of the few cheap food items - they only cost 2.5 dirhams or $.68)

We also bought mango juice. Bella's new friend, Ella showed her how to make a simple Indian smoothies by mixing it with yogurt and sugar (with a fork in a glass).

Now it's family movie night.

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