Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bits & Pieces

I’ve been enjoying my free time.  I like going to the gym (to support my eating habits) and then wander the stores before grabbing lunch somewhere with a girlfriend or maybe hitting the Beach Club.  Yes, my life is rough.

Here are a few random snapshots from my days:

This is what a fresh Mangosteen looks like that hasn’t been in my fridge for three weeks.  You can just poke a hole with your finger in the soft outer skin and the inside is so soft and sweet and delicious!  It’s my new favorite fruit.  Love, love, love them!!  If you haven’t tried them – you should!  I think Mangosteens are good for you too so bonus!

 P1040452   P1040453


Have I mentioned how much I love the Hiltonia?  It’s my slice of paradise only 15 minutes from my home.  A girlfriend and I have brought our boys for a playdate on Thursdays to hang out and swim and a few days ago I popped over for an hour to enjoy some time just with Cameron.  I bought him a new swimming ring and he had a blast with it.  Yeah – this is October in Abu Dhabi.  Sunshine and Swimming Pools by the Beach.


I saw these great shoes at the store the other day and had to snap a shot!


I’m not sure who would wear gold “genie” shoes but I thought they were great.  I love how they even curl up in the front.


Here’s my lovely new watch!  I got this today at one of the malls where the guys try to call you over to check out their wares at the kiosk.  When I got over there he opened the “special” drawers below to show me the good stuff and I walked away with a lovely “Gucci” watch for a bargain price of 200 dirhams (about $54). 

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