Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Fest

At the kid’s school they put on a wonderful Halloween Party each year that is called the Fall Fest.  Each class is responsible for decorating a pre-assigned booth.  1/2 are called “Trick or Treat” booths and 1/2 are called “Games” booths.  There is also a Haunted House down by the High School Kids and some of the booths done by some of the school service groups.  They sell hot dogs/hamburger/drinks/slushies and some other snacks too.

It all started with a fun parade of costumes and the kids had an absolute blast!!


I swear my child is NOT on drugs.  He just doesn’t take a good picture and always has his eyes half-shut



Bella was still pouting from her earlier situation (see the blog before this) and refused to wear her super-cute costume so my friend loaned her a dress and someone else put make-up on her and that was that.  Luckily her day got better shortly after this.


Cutest Race Car Driver ever (I’m pretty sure that’s what the costume was labeled at least)


5th Grade Booth

This was the booth for Alexander’s class.



Bella and Friends

A much happier Bella with some of her friends later in the night.


happy alexander                  happy bella

A couple better pics of the big kids.  I swear Alexander used to be photogenic – I’m hoping it’s just a phase.

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