Sunday, October 9, 2011

The rest of the family checks out the Hiltonia

Brian had the day off work today for Columbus Day and the big kids had a brief goal-setting conference at school so we decided to do a fun day at the Hiltonia Beach Club.


Brian wanted to go jet-skiing.  He rented them for an hour and each of the kids had a 1/2 hr ride.  Isabella couldn’t get enough of the 112 km speed and donuts and racing around.  Alexander preferred to see the sights and was irritated that he wasn’t old enough to drive it himself.

P1040545     P1040546P1040548     P1040549

Bella enjoyed her speedy time and then it was Alexander’s turn:

P1040551     P1040552P1040553     P1040556


Then it was waterslide time:

P1040588     P1040592     P1040593


P1040596          P1040602         P1040599

Then I headed to pick up Cameron from preschool so he could play with Isabella & Alexander too

P1040604       P1040605       P1040606

I’m trying to remember to get pictures of me too:


Cameron had fun feeding birds his goldfish crackers:

P1040609 P1040610 P1040611


Michelle said...

Connie - love your new blog layout. Looks good. Great beach/water/slides pics. Does it feel like an ongoing vacation? :-)

bcfaria said...

Thanks. Yeah - it does feel like an ongoing vacation. I think the not working for the first time, sunny weather and nearby beaches is a big part of it.