Saturday, October 15, 2011

Winnie the Pooh does Zumba too……

Cameron was invited to a birthday party today.  It was at a place called Play & Learn.  It was the most overstimulating day ever!  It’s a crazy play place with a ball pit and things to climb on in one area and then a tv going with Barney blaring (Remember – I love you….you love me….) and then a row of computers with games on it (half of which were in languages I didn’t understand) and a sand pit in another area.  Upstairs was the Party Room.

There were about 10,000 kids there along with moms, dads and nannies EVERYWHERE.  The kids were running around playing downstairs and then we moved upstairs to the Party Room.

This was all led by an overly-enthusiastic woman who spoke REALLY loudly and played music REALLY loudly.  WHERE THE CHILDREN AT??  WOO HOO!  LET ME HEAR YOU??  HIP HIP……. HOORAY!!!   OMG – so loud and so constant!!  She invited kids to come up and sing to the birthday boy and a few did and then we all sang happy birthday and then we did musical chairs (to Justin Bieber and Shakira songs) and then the freeze dance and then they all had Happy Meals from Burger King (or whatever BK calls their meals) and we did cake and sang Happy Birthday in two different languages (not sure what the second one was but everyone else seemed to know the words – maybe arabic??) 

Then – Winnie the Pooh came out and did Zumba – followed by Mickey Mouse.  Seriously.  Winnie was busting moves while all the children stared in fear and unsuredness.  I even video-taped a little so hopefully you can catch a glimpse of what I witnessed this afternoon:

Cameron had a great time so that’s what mattered.

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