Sunday, October 2, 2011

You might think we’re speaking the same language……

Image Detail        vs.      Great Britain Flag - great-britain wallpaper

I chatted with a few gals from the UK today.  I found that even though we both speak English, they seem to have quite a few different words for things than we do.  Here are a few I learned in the last few days and mostly today:

United States English

United Kingdom English

Flyover (the road going over the freeways) Carriageway
Truck Lorry
Pants Trousers
Underwear Pants
Fanny-Pack Bum Bag
Shopping Cart Trolley
Stroller Push-Chair or Buggy
Kindergarten Year 1
Trunk Boot
Gas Petrol
Suspenders Braces
Diaper Nappy
Appliances White Goods
Vagina Fanny

Be careful what you say…..

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