Saturday, October 29, 2011

Masdar City Marketplace

There is a part of Abu Dhabi that claims to be really green.  It’s located near the airport and it’s called Masdar City.  On Friday, we attended their second (I think) annual Masdar City Marketplace.

There were booths for all sorts of things.  Everything from organic farms to purses made from bottlecaps.  We had a fun time.


There are electric cars that run without a driver in a certain area.  You get in and it runs off satellites from point A to point B.  The lines were too long for this when we went so we just took the bus over.





Cameron played a game and won a prize.


Here is a camel made out of plastic bags as part of a campaign about using less plastic and more re-useable bags.  It’s a little odd considering how many plastics bags they use to bag your groceries.  One for the eggs, one for the carton of milk, one for the package of diapers which already have a handle on them to carry but why not put them in a bag anyway….



Here is a line-up of a bunch of booths.


Alexander is enjoying cotton candy or getting ready to put it on Cameron’s head, not sure.


Here is a recycled items man & woman.

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