Saturday, October 8, 2011

Enjoying the Haggle

So I checked out the Red Sea “other” location.  It was another storefront (even if the guy made it sound like a Ryder truck behind a building or something) and it was TINY.  So much stuff and so little space.  Clearly there are no fire codes here.  I shoulda taken a picture inside.

The store has some really neat pieces but not so many larger furniture pieces like the other one.  The only guy at the store was the same one who whispered to me in the corner at the other store.  He cracked me up.  He kept whispering and looking over his shoulder even though we were THE ONLY people in the store (aside from Isabella).  I think it added to the allure of getting a good deal or something…..

I found a nice, black Arabian Lantern thing. Original Price:  475 dirhams.  My haggled-down price:  300 dirhams.  It’s about 2 1/2 feet tall and it opens up if you want to put candles inside.


My other find was a BEAUTIFUL Moroccan shallow bowl.  It is painted pottery with inlaid camel bone and hammered metal in a design over it.  I need to find a way to display it right-side up on one of my tables.  Original Price:  1150 dirhams.  My haggled-down price:  700 dirhams.


I may never buy from a mall again, but only from these wonderful little shops where I can name my price.  I found my kind of shopping!


Melinda C. said...

How much is 700 dirhams? 'cause I want one of those bowls. That's beautiful!

Michelle said...

Love that bowl! It's beautiful.

bcfaria said...

475 = $129.68
300 = $ 81.90

700 = $191.11
1150 = $313.97