Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our first visit to “The Corniche”


Wow.  Another piece of gorgeousness only moments away.  The weather is starting to cool down and we decided to head out to “The Corniche” late this afternoon for some fun family-time.

We parked across the street and walked through an underground tunnel to the other side.  It was pretty inside (although from what I’ve heard, not somewhere you should venture on your own at night):


P1040490    P1040491    P1040492

At the end, a fountain greeted us: 


We walked up to the other side and walked along for a bit.  There is a big walkway for pedestrians and a side area for bikers.  Although, we did see bikers going down the wide side so I guess bikers on bike lane only but bikers and peds on the other side?

P1040503           P1040504

Then, we hit the public beach and the big kids had their first taste of the warm water:

P1040505      P1040506

Cameron enjoyed his time on the sand.  Playing in it, digging in it and throwing it:


Then I got all crafty in the sand with my shell finds: 

P1040520P1040521          P1040522

First with Cameron, Bella & Brian……………….then with Alexander, Bella & Cameron

There was a lot of activity on the beach.  We could see people riding jet-ski’s in the water and people playing beach volleyball and beach soccer:

P1040523                       P1040524

The sun started setting and it was time to go:


We headed back through the pedestrian underpass:

P1040531          P1040530

Look it’s actually a picture of me…..

P1040528          P1040529

The kids had a blast but could’ve stayed there for much longer!

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Michelle said...

Looks like a fantastic outing. And you look great... miss you!