Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Abu Dhabi Science Festival

There is a big Science Festival happening in Abu Dhabi for a week or so.  There are activities up at the Corniche and down at ADNEC (Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center).  Mom, Brian, the kids and I checked out stuff on the Corniche one day and Mom, the kids and I checked out stuff at ADNEC on another day.

Here are a few pics:

                P1040914          P1040916

Some robotic animals


                P1040918          P1040919

A few different activities there


                P1040921          P1040922

Cameron racing to see how fast he could go in seconds.


                P1040927          P1040928


             P1040929        P1040931        P1040930


   P1040936          P1040943          P1040946


                                          P1040938          P1040939

Kids were getting a lesson in conducting heat maybe?


                     P1040945          P1040949


                             P1040952          P1040953

Alexander was trying to figure out how to build a car out of legos and testing out different wheel placement to see what made it go faster.  He spent a long time here and had a good time with it.  Cameron ended up watching and trying to figure it all out too.  The people were patient and very helpful.  It was a great hands on activity.

          P1040955          P1040956


                P1040993          P1040995

A couple days later at the Corniche.  The kids were excited to check out the Human Gyroscope!

Alexander & Bella on a Human Gyroscope at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival on the Corniche

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