Monday, November 14, 2011

Started Squash Lessons

I used to play Racquetball in the states.  I really enjoyed it.  People don’t play racquetball here so I decided to learn how to play squash. 

I put out a request on a forum that I frequent (  It’s an awesome forum and was a real lifesaver with moving here.  I’ve managed to meet quite a few people from it since moving here.  I asked if anyone knew how to play squash or wanted to teach me.

I had a gal respond who lives about 10/15 minutes from me.  We started playing on a weekly basis.  It has some similarities to racquetball in that it’s played on a 4-walled court and you use a racquet to hit a ball.

But – the ball is tiny and it doesn’t bounce like a racquetball so you run A LOT.  You don’t want to hit it too low below the line, where in racquetball it’s good to hit low balls.  You get a point whether you are serving or not so the points rack up a lot quicker.  There are more rules to it too that have to do with where you can hit it and how to serve and where it has to go and all that.

My new squash friend and I played together once a week for about a month until I decided that maybe I should get some actual lessons.  I’ve now had two lessons and I’m going for my third tomorrow.  I might make it a regular Monday thing for awhile.  I really like it!  My instructor is fantastic.  His son is #1 in the UAE right now and recently went to CA for a squash tournament and won.  He coached his son since he was 3 and now he’s 19 or in his early-20’s or something.

So – I’m getting some good exercise and picking up a new sport.  I even bought my first squash racquet.  So – if anyone from Abu Dhabi reads this and wants to give it a go – let me know!

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