Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Cargo Arrived!

or….Holy Crap – what the hell did I ship???


As a reminder….our home came fully furnished by Brian’s work.  We already have couches, bookcases, nightstands, tables, chairs and the basics.  I didn’t NEED to ship any big furniture pieces.  However – after seeing pictures and Brian having lived in the place a bit, we did decide to ship our Family Room sectional because it is a much better fit for our family and is sooooo much more comfortable and durable than what was provided for us.  Aside from that – I shipped a small turning storage thing and our fabulous outdoor bar that was made by Alexander’s 2nd Grade class for an auction project a few years back.  The rest was 143 boxes/items of WHO KNOWS WHAT???

The trucks arrived with 10 men ready to work.  It was like Christmas!


Before we had them move anything in, we asked if they could please (as a favor to us) – move the current couch, love seat, chair and ottoman from our ground floor family room to the 3rd floor Maid’s Quarters.  They were more than happy to help.  Unfortunately – they took out the stairway light in the process.  But – since it wasn’t really part of the move – only a niceness they won’t take care of fixing it.  Luckily it was in the only casualty and still worth it since we got all that furniture moved up 3 flights of stairs!


I would anxiously wait while they pried open a box to see what was inside.  I had a clipboard with a list of our items or box numbers on it so I could check it off and compare with the supervisor who was doing the same thing (the company provided it) and it all felt very organized.


Look!  It’s my fabulous fake plant in the background – I now will have permanent green in my house!


Hey – it’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 men watching or lifting as they try to maneuver in piece #1 of our sectional!


Even Alexander pitched in to help get things inside.  I was apparently supervising at this moment.  The boxes would come in and I would get things emptied and put away if I could so some of the empty boxes could be discarded.  Otherwise – I’ve spent the last two weeks getting the house in order.  Den, Dining Room, Family Room, Kitchen, Bella’s Room & Alexander’s Room are all done!  We still need to take care of getting things on the walls in the Family Room.  I still have Cameron’s Room, Master Bedroom, Medicine/Linen Closet and Storage Room to organize.  But – I feel like I’ve made tons of progress!

I’m almost ready to entertain and have visitors! 

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