Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bean Play and Vacuum Fun!

Felt like getting all creative today.

I went to the store and purchased a bunch of beans in different colors.  I got out a muffin tray along with a small measuring spoon set and let Cameron have some bean fun!



Doesn’t it look so pretty?


P1040851        P1040852        P1040853

Scooping and Sorting


P1040854        P1040855       P1040856


P1040858        P1040859       P1040860

Trying out different scoops


P1040863        P1040864

Giving up on the scoops and using his hands


P1040865        P1040866

I actually decided to just dump them all so he could really feel them in his hands


P1040868        P1040869        P1040870

Cameron decided he LOVES the vacuum!


P1040871        P1040867

Forgot the beans – let’s see what he can vacuum?  Himself?  His stuffed puppy dog?


P1040874        P1040875        P1040876

His shirt?  His belly?  He was LOVING it!


P1040877      P1040878      P1040879

Even Daddy wasn’t safe!


 P1040880        P1040882

He even tried the ball and curtains.

Next time, forget the lovely bean sorting – I’m just gonna grab the vacuum cleaner!


Crystal in Lynden said...

Super cute Connie. Awesome learning. Love the color palette the beans make.

Anonymous said...

A real Montessori kid!