Friday, November 18, 2011

Zayed Sports City Open House

There is this huge sports complex near us that’s called Zayed Sports City.  I’ve probably mentioned it before.  They have a bowling alley (with 40 lanes!) and an ice skating rink, a gym, a bunch of football pitches (soccer fields), tennis court facility and a bunch more stuff.  We attended an Open House where there were lots of different activities going on.

You could try out a new game called Padel Ball (combination of tennis and squash I think?? with a net and a smaller racket and three walls).  You could do the bouncy house and bouncy slide (INSANE – with horrible supervision) or watch people do Zumba (INSANE – with kids running across the stage and parents ignoring them while the instructor tried to step over them – no  your child is not cute on the stage while someone is up there – they are a danger – ugh!) and TONS of people.  Bowling and Ice Skating were free (but TONS of people so the kids skipped that) Alexander spent most of the time playing “Football” (soccer).

The kids had fun trying out new things though so that was cool.  For whatever reason I only took pictures of padel ball.




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