Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Movie on the Beach

With the big F1 race around the corner, there is lots of activity happening on the Corniche leading up to the event.  It all kicked off with the parade and the Fanzone area opening up.  This week they did “Cinema by the Sea”.  It was pretty awesome.

They were playing Cars on Tuesday night and even though it was a little late for a school night (started at 7:30), I figured what a great thing to do, what the heck? 

Brian was feeling sick so he stayed home.  I drove on up with the three kids and met friends for the movie night.  There were giant bean bags set-up all over and a HUGE movie screen playing.  You could buy popcorn or other snacks from nearby stands and it was a fantastic time (although Bella enjoyed playing in the sand more than watching the movie and Alexander enjoyed trying as many different kinds of junk food as I would let him – but Cam LOVED it!)

P1040722       P1040723

The movie was in English with Arabic subtitles.


P1040725  P1040726  P1040727

P1040728 P1040730P1040731P1040734

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