Friday, November 18, 2011

Clean Up Arabia

Isabella’s Girl Scout leader is awesome (you are – Christie!) and she is always planning such fantastic activities for the kids.   As one of our projects, the kids were able to participate in “Clean Up Arabia”.  We arrived with a ton of other people to help out and got on these tiny boats and zoomed across the water to Lulu island.  This island used to be open to the public but isn’t anymore.  There is garbage that has washed up along the water because people here seem to not know how to throw things away in garbage cans.  It’s frustrating.  They just toss things aside because they know someone will come along and just clean up after them.  The water can be quite a mess from people throwing things off their boats too.

All of these pics were taken by Christie….

Clean Up Arabia #10

Lots of people were waiting around for awhile until we were able to set off.

Clean Up Arabia #5

Funky looking houseboat??

Clean Up Arabia #2

Coast Guard was there just in case.

Clean Up Arabia #1    Clean Up Arabia #4

Eventually we were off.  Here’s some of our group above.  We all got hats for participating too!

                                       Clean Up Arabia #6Clean Up Arabia #7

When we arrived at the beach, you could see some of the garbage.  Ropes and rusty-nail-covered boards.

Clean Up Arabia #8

The girls each had a bag to start collecting.  There’s Bella in the middle!

Clean Up Arabia #9Clean Up Arabia #12

Even though the sign said “no trespass” – Bella & Zoe took to garbage collecting anyway.

Clean Up Arabia #11

Even Alexander came along to help.  He was convinced there was a shipwreck along these rocks because he found an old crab pot, a couple life jackets and tons of broken wood.  I’m glad he didn’t find any bones!  But at least it kept him busy cleaning and actively imagining what could have happened!

Clean Up Arabia #16Clean Up Arabia #3

The girls managed to fill up their bags with garbage before it was time to head back and on our trip back we still saw lots of garbage out there in the water!  At least we made a dent in the clean-up of the area!

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