Saturday, November 26, 2011

Baseball in Dubai

Alexander is playing baseball and really enjoying it.  His coach is fantastic and the families are great too.  Some have been playing for a few years together and the team is really good.  Alexander practices once or twice a week and has a day for batting practice with just him, another player and the coach.  It’s a very devoted group.

We play our games every Saturday in Dubai – a little over an hour drive from our home.  When he had his first game we all went along.

         P1040998          P1050003

While we waited for his game to start, mom & Bella & Cameron and I headed to a nearby park.



Alexander usually plays 3rd base

    P1050007     P1050025



Look!  It’s the Burj Khalifa in the background.  The tallest building in the world.  It used to be called Burj Dubai but shortly before opening the observation area to the public in 2010 there was some financial issues and Sheikh Khalifa helped bail them out so they changed the name.  Some people still say Burj Dubai – but it’s the same thing. Don’t confuse this with the Burj Al-Arab – the famous Dubai sail looking hotel that you see on lots of Dubai pictures.




Enjoying the game with Nana


Eye on the ball!


And Swing!

After the baseball game we stopped at the Mall of the Emirates for a little shopping and looking.



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