Monday, November 14, 2011

Started teaching Kindermusik again

So it’s been a couple months and I was starting to get a little antsy.  Cameron is in school 2 full days a week and I needed to be more productive with my time.  I can’t expect to go to the beach, lunch with friends and play squash all day, right?

I used to teach Kindermusik in the states.  In fact I started taking classes when Alexander was 5 weeks old because I was itching to get out of the house (go figure?) and by the time Bella was born and I was taking classes with her, I decided that I wanted to train to become an educator.  I went through the process and started teaching in 2003.  I did classes out of home for a few years and then started teaching at Gardenview Montessori where Bella eventually went to school.

I taught up until December 2010.

So – it seemed a natural thing to look into when I was here.  I looked into a few things and discovered that there was a women who was teaching Kindermusik around Abu Dhabi and had a few educators under her.

I contacted her to see if she needed anymore teachers.  We had a couple meetings and away I went!

I started teaching at a nursery school on November 14th doing 2 ABC Music & Me classes.  I am also starting a Family Time class at a nearby facility on Friday the 25th for an hour.  There is a possibility of teaching at another preschool in January.  I could do more but I think I’m going to just stick with the few classes for now!

the class

Hers’ an old picture I dug out from one of my first classes back in my Ferndale home.  There’s Bella in my lap!

         00_00009_1        Alexander at Kindermusik       




Here’s Alexander in Kindermusik classes when he was younger!

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Anonymous said...

hi where & what days/times do you teach kindermusik, i would like to attend and bring my kids!!!