Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Abu Dhabi Kids Park

There is a place called Abu Dhabi Kids Park about 30 minutes from where we live.  It’s a bit like a tiny, tiny zoo.  The animals are in small spaces and you can pretty much touch them.  You are able to feed some greens and dates to some of them and the workers bring out different animals for you to hold or pet too.


Outside the main gate there is a pony you can ride for 5 dirhams.  Bella was excited to get on the pony, even if her feet almost touched the ground.


Look it’s two camel butts.


P1040748        P1040751        P1040755

The kids liked the animals could get so close to them.  I just stood by with hand sanitizer at the ready.


P1040756        P1040758        P1040759

It looked like they were trying to get out half the time.  Cameron preferred a distant viewing.


P1040760        P1040761        P1040768

I even managed to feed one – can you see my arm?  That’s about as close as I liked to stand


P1040777        P1040836        P1040838

They all liked the chance to hold the falcon on their arms too.  Falconry is a big part of Abu Dhabi history.



There’s something about this picture that I love.  Maybe it’s silly, maybe it freaks me out.  Not too sure.


P1040790        P1040792        P1040797

Lots of different Cats



There was an armadillo just walking around. It was really cute!  There was a worker within a short distance at all times of course.  We weren’t allowed to pick it up.  But – it looked actually kinda soft instead of hard like I would think.


Here is Alexander holding a python like it’s no big deal.  When in all honesty he really didn’t want to hold it unless I did.  So I held it – for a moment until I started having a panic attack.  Man – the things I do for my kids!  Listen closely and you can hear the worker saying “don’t cry madam as he laughs along with the crowd”………

Connie holding a Python


P1040805        P1040824        P1040812

Giraffes & Zebras


P1040826        P1040829        P1040827

Everyone taking turns to hold a 6-week old Lion cub.  How cute is he??  Cameron wasn’t too excited.



Goodbye Abu Dhabi Kids Park!

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