Thursday, December 22, 2011

Al Ain Trip–Green Mubazzarah Hot Springs

At the base of the mountain that the hotel sat on there were some Hot Springs.  You could pay to go into a couple different buildings that looked like public swimming pools and enjoy the hot springs or you could just wade in the flowing river of hot spring in the park.  We opted to just dip our feet in.

I couldn’t believe how incredibly hot it was!  I was amazed to see adults dipping their small children in the water, while I could barely handle it up to my ankles!

                      P1060008          P1060009

                    P1060011     P1060012     P1060013




   P1060029    P1060030

 P1060032  P1060033  P1060034 

  P1060035  P1060036  P1060037

                            P1060038        P1060039

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