Thursday, December 22, 2011

Birthday Goodies Arrive (Yes, my friends are awesome)

We came home from our trip and Brian checked the mail at work.  I had a fantastic box of goodies from my awesome friends back home!  It was filled with a birthday card, Christmas card, bath salts, bookmark, Sweet Chili chips, Trader Joe’s Meringues and Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries and more! 

I am really enjoying my time here in Abu Dhabi but there are times when I really miss my fantastic friends back home.

It was so warming to see that they are thinking of me and took the time to gather together some of my favorite treats, gifts and thoughtful notes.  I am grateful for Facebook and the internet and even my fantastic phone plan so I can still stay in touch with everyone back home.

I love making new friends but there’s something about having those friends that you share years and years of history with that just can’t be replaced!


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