Friday, December 2, 2011

National Day Celebrations

December 2nd is National Day in the UAE.  This year is their 40th celebration and everything has been in high-swing.  The cars are super-decorated everywhere………..

IMG_3525     P1050171P1050150     IMG_3700IMG_3701     IMG_3704


Buildings are heavily decorated too……IMG_3532    


Even the skies were decorated……



One of the craziest things is the evening of National Day.  People swarm the Corniche (the main road) and it’s like a super-super-slow cruise to show off their cars and spray silly string and fake snow at everyone.  People try hard to spray it into the cars when the windows are open and people spray each other on the walkway.  I was bombarded once by a group of people and the kids were loving the whole scene.  Surprisingly – it was a blast!!

P1050159     P1050189

The Corniche was packed!    

P1050210     P1050212

We had a blast with friends!

P1050214     P1050218

Check out that crazy string!!

P1050226     P1050250

After attacks…..

P1050273     P1050278

        Cameron got his hand on a sound-maker and LOVED it!!                                       Bella had a blast with her friend.

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