Saturday, December 10, 2011

Breakfast with Santa

We attended a fantastic event at Alexander & Bella’s school today.  It’s called Breakfast with Santa.  It was a wonderful slice of Christmas from back home.

There was a pancake breakfast, HUGE girl scout cookie sale, Santa was available to have pictures taken with, crafts for the kids, holiday vendors, bouncy slide and lots of people in the Christmas-y Spirit.  There were also these AMAZING baskets that were being raffled off.  Each class is responsible for contributing things in a certain category (sports, arts & crafts, movie night, etc….) and everything is put into a GIANT basket and then you could buy raffle tickets to drop in the can in front of the basket you wanted.  We didn’t win any, but I wanted to remember the idea to pass to friends back home….


                              P1050505                       P1050506

Seriously, how awesome is this?  Starbucks guy with a tank on his back delivering goodness on the go!


                      P1050508      IMG_3734

                      My first attempt at making Cake Pops!  They were a big hit.                           Cameron on the bouncy slide


  P1050511      P1050513      P1050514

Great Gift Baskets


            Bella & Santa          Cameron & Santa

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