Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Khan Murjan

Mom and I had a free day so we decided to head to Dubai.  We did a little shopping and enjoyed some of the holiday decorations at Khan Murjan in the Wafi Complex.

        P1050569      P1050572

It had an Egyptian theme.  Like the Luxor in Vegas but fancier.                      This is the inside of one of the roofs.  Cool stained glass.


                       P1050573        P1050574

                                 Yummy olives and other things.                                                           Look at those spices!


                  P1050576                    P1050577

          Saw these “police” watches and thought of my friend Jodi!                                Some kind of fashion display in the mall.

   P1050578        P1050579

                  P1050584          P1050585          P1050591

                                               Inside the souk area of the mall                                                            Mom posing with a statue outside

                   P1050593           P1050595

                                    Really now, who doesn’t want a swarovski-encrusted grand piano for their home?

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