Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas in Abu Dhabi

We are living in a Muslim country and Christmas is obviously a different experience here.  Honestly, I have to admit it’s been pretty good.  When I go shopping – there are a few Christmas decorations here and there but no Christmas music playing everywhere.  There are no sales shoved in your face.  There is no sense of BUY IT NOW, BEST SALE EVER, No – today is the BEST SALE EVER, No – today is the BEST SALE UNTIL THE END OF THE YEAR – No, today the MARKDOWNS ARE EVEN MORE!!!!!   You know the feeling during the last month of the year???  Every time you shop, it seems that there’s a fantastic deal that you MUST take advantage of RIGHT NOW.  Well – living here – there’s none of that.  So – I’ve been buying what Ii have on my list and not impulse shopping.  I’ve done lots and lots of online shopping and very little shopping in the stores.  I haven’t felt stressed out.  My mom has been here so that’s been a HUGE help.  I’ve missed the snow and it does feel weird to be doing Christmas things in Summer dresses, but that’s okay.  I miss some of the great traditional things back home….driving around to see lights, sharing cookie trays with my neighbors (although I plan to do that here just with different neighbors), going to the Olde Fashioned Christmas at Pioneer Park (one of my favorite Christmastime activities) and my annual Book Club Christmas party.  We’ll be make different traditions here I suppose.

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