Friday, December 16, 2011

Falcon Festival

The Falcon Festival was just as it sounds.  A festival about falcons.  There were demonstrations of falconers from all over the world and vendors selling paraphernalia for Falconing.  The falcon wear special hoods so they aren’t distracted and there are special gloves that the handlers wear and special leash things that go around their ankles with a piece that the falconers hold onto.

                            IMG_3786                P1050606

                                            There were lots of birds there.                                All the different people did demonstrations.

                                   P1050609          P1050615

                                       Does this look like Willie Nelson, or what?                              There was a Bald Eagle too. 


VIP tents (just guessing)

                     P1050619                    P1050629

                                             Cool close-up shot of a Golden Eagle.                                     Look, it’s Alexander the Falconer!



Emirati Performers at Falcon Festival



There were different countries represented with different types of structures:                                       

                                 P1050633                           P1050634


There were different people in different clothes representing their countries too:

         P1050636       P1050637       IMG_3782

  IMG_3793      IMG_3795      IMG_3797



                 IMG_3759          IMG_3765           IMG_3776


There were places for the kids to learn about falcons and relax too:

                         P1050642               P1050644 



There were places for the Falconers to relax too:



   IMG_3790      IMG_3778      IMG_3783

             Random falconer                               Mom & Bella stopping at the Australia booth                           Mom holding a falcon

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