Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kayaking in the Mangroves

The mangroves are about 10 minutes from where we live.  There is an area that was manmade in order for motor boats to pass through.  As a kayak, you are able to go through as well, along with getting through the actual mangroves.  The area has sand banks on either side that are slowly eroding and I can’t imagine you would be able to kayak in this same area in another couple years.

It was a beautiful day and everyone really enjoyed it.  The kids have never kayaked before and had a great time!


Mom, Bella & Alexander getting ready


P1000246       P1000247

My boys are ready to go!




P1000250 Getting ready to push off


P1000267   P1000274

We took a little break halfway through


 P1000284 P1000286 P1000290

Kayaking through the Mangroves


P1000306  P1000309

                             We saw a crab on the way                                                                       Alexander even tried standing up



The Faria Family

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