Sunday, December 25, 2011

Our first Christmas in Abu Dhabi

We hit another milestone today and celebrated our first Christmas in Abu Dhabi.

The weather was still quite warm outside, but we dressed in cozy pajamas anyway.  We still had our Christmas tree, but missed the lovely fire going in the fireplace.  We hung stocking from the tv stand instead of the mantle.  We still had a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner with my mom, but instead of having church to go to afterwards, Brian and I headed to a really fun party at a friend’s house in the compound. 

We woke up to lots of presents for the kiddos, some yummy Christmas breakfast and enjoyed the day with each other.

Santa was kind to the children and Bella was thrilled to receive a sewing machine, Cameron got loads of Disney Cars and Alexander received a new video game for the DS.



P1060093       P1060094       P1060095

              P1060101                              P1060103


         P1060107                          P1060116




The kids received packages the following days from grandparents back home too.  It was like an extended Christmas!

                          P1060130                  P1060133


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